Posted by: milipet | January 18, 2009

Workplace Etiquette Or How to behave properly amongst your colleagues?

Workplace Etiquette


How to behave properly amongst your colleagues?

As with all social situations in life there are unwritten rules a person should follow in order to have a successful and productive social interaction, therefore, it is vital to have proper workplace etiquette if one is to have a proper rapport with their colleagues.

First thing you must remember is to keep in check the volume of your voice when on the telephone so that you don’t bother the person you share your office with, the person in the adjoining cubicle or the guy down the hall! Also make sure that personal communication, i.e. phone calls and emails, is reduced to a minimum since your office is a place of business and not where you go to have a chat with your pips.

Now we understand that office gossip is a fun way to shorten a long work day but keep in mind that your boss might not think so and you wouldn’t want to have ‘gossipy’ written down as a personality trait in you file. An appendix to this rule is never to start a false rumor in order to belittle a person and advance at their expense. So do not onto others what you wish not to be done to you.

Proper workplace etiquette when it comes to using shared areas, as kitchen or toilet, is to keep in mind the person who will use it after you and not leaving it messy especially if you expect everyone to clean up after themselves. Moreover, when leaving your meal in the shared refrigerator mark it with your name and try not to leave food with strong aromas as these might bother someone. But if you really must have that Pla Kapong Keemao, put it in an air-tight container. At the end of the week check the refrigerator for any leftovers and/or empty containers and clear them out.

Try to avoid borrowing office supplies, but if that cannot be avoided return the item in the same condition as you received it. You should also try to maintain shared equipment in perfect working condition and if you notice a problem with one of it inform the person in charge of it.

You must always remember to be friendly, as much as is appropriate, and considerate to your colleagues. Do your part in making the office a pleasant place to work in, but do not be the office fool. If you are new to the office and in any doubt as to how much ‘friendliness’ is suitable when on the clock or in a particular situation such as the office Christmas party, look to the people who have been there longer than you and take their lead.

Last, but probably the most important, rule of workplace etiquette is never to take credit for someone else’s work. Doing tricks like these onetime too often, or for some unlucky person even only once, is bound to find its way to the boss’ ear.

Follow these simple rules and be assured that you’re on the right path of becoming the person to whom your colleagues will look up to and who they will respect.


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